Thursday, August 23, 2012

Game #125: Rockies 1, Mets 0

On a day when their recent average of two runs would've been enough, New York couldn't even manage one.

Collin McHugh's sensational debut was wasted as the Mets couldn't plate a single run, falling to the Rockies 1-0.

The Bad Stuff:
  • You know the drill: bad offense, no hitting, yadda yadda yadda. Today it was worse than usual: 0-10 with RISP, 12 men left on. And that's all we'll say about that.
  • While Bobby Parnell picked up the L on the day, allowing the single Colorado run in the 8th, it sure as heck wasn't his fault. Jordany Valdespin misjudged a flyball off the bat of Tyler Colvin, and a flyout to center turned into a leadoff triple. Colvin came in as Chris Nelson singled him home in the next at-bat.
The Good Stuff:
  • On the flip side, Collin McHugh made Matt Harvey's stellar debut a month ago seem all too ordinary. The 25-year-old pride of Covington, Georgia and fellow blogger (here is his blog) tossed 7 innings of 2-hit shutout ball, walking just 1 and striking out 9. With McHugh's banner day and Jenrry Mejia set to join the rotation in September, it begs the question as to whether the Mets have too much starting pitching. If that's the case, I'm sure Sandy Alderson will be able to pull some strings and bring in other guys to fill the many holes in this team.
Final Analysis:
So the Mets lost, again. They were swept, again. They were swept at home in four by the Rockies for the second straight year. Eh, we're all used to losing by now. So let's take away the positives. Collin McHugh should be the toast of the town tonight after a debut to remember. With Johan Santana shut down for the rest of the season, it's nice to see another hole in the rotation filled so promptly.

So while the last-place Rockies couldn't help New York win any games, perhaps the team with the worst record in baseball can. Yes, the Houston Astros are coming to town this weekend. The Mets surely should take 2 out of 3. Heck, I'd be down for just a single win. But the way this team is playing now, don't expect too much.


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