Friday, May 25, 2012

Game #45: Padres 11, Mets 5

The fans in San Diego must've done a rain dance, because that rain gave their team the most offense they've had all season.

Jeremy Hefner was roughed up after the rain delay and the bullpen couldn't keep it close as the Mets fell to the Padres, 11-5.

The Bad Stuff:
  • In his first big league start with his family in town from Oklahoma, Jeremy Hefner was cruising through 2 innings, getting through the first couple frames with just a hit against him in 17 pitches. Then the rains came, and Hefner's mightiest opponent tonight was the 68-minute delay. He lasted less than 2 innings more and had 6 earned runs put up against him.
    • Normally this would be a case of the Curse of Mike Pelfrey's Old Spot and Jeremy Hefner would be the third such man to try and fail to dam that river. However, considering his arm was probably a wet noodle after sitting out in the rain for an hour, I think it's fair to withhold judgment until his next start, when all is likely the rain gods will be pelting somewhere else in the majors.
  • Judgment cannot be withheld any further on Manny Acosta, however. He allowed 3 more runs in 2 relief innings and let the Padres pull away for good. With an ERA now standing at 10.80, the calls will be even louder to give him the hook. I'd have to agree: Acosta's been completely ineffective in 2012, and a trip to the minors might do him some good (it would certainly do the team some good). I can envision a scenario in which the very next pitcher to come up, starter and reliever, would put in motion Acosta's demotion.
  • Lefty Robert Carson wasn't so hot in his 2 innings either, allowing 2 more runs including a home run to the least power-effective team in the NL. I'm all for giving Carson more experience, but I thought the explanation was kind of lame: giving Tim Byrdak a few days off because he's overworked. I know he's had a lot of appearances, but the last 12 of them have been to retire a single batter. If GOB Bluth were here right now he'd have something to say about that.
The Good Stuff:
  • David Wright is a .400 hitter for at least one more day: the world's hottest hitter went 3-5 with a 1st-inning double and a 2-run homer to dead-center in the 6th, moving him into a tie with (believe it or not) Ike Davis for the team lead with 5 longballs. Wright's average stands at .405.
  • With the pressure of a potential demotion lifted from his shoulders, Ike Davis came to bat in the 8th a little less angsty and drove in 2 runs on a solid single. Any time Ike does something good, a little light goes off in our heads, and this time is no exception: maybe, just maybe, with the knowledge and relief that he won't be visiting Buffalo any time soon, Ike Davis will be able to turn the ship around.
Final Analysis:
I'm not usually one to make excuses, but I have to say the rain took this one away from the Mets. Jeremy Hefner was money on the mound before the delay, but 68 minutes later he was spent. Maybe with a regular game flow he would've gotten the job done and I'd have Good Stuff ahead of Bad Stuff after this one.

You never want to expect a sweep, although one against the hapless San Diego Padres would've been less difficult than against other potential foes. However, 3 out of 4 ain't bad. As long as the Mets limit the Padres to just one game's worth of hap this weekend, it will be a successful series and a great way to start the homestand.


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