Sunday, April 1, 2012

MM's 2012 Awakening: Hope Springs Eternal

It's been a long winter, one filled with departures, welcomings, injuries, and litigation. But in a few days, it will all be behind us, and the 50th Anniversary season of New York Mets baseball will be underway. And out of hibernation comes a beacon of Amazin' orange and blue in a sea of Cubs, Reds, and Tigers.

Welcome back to Midwestern Met. A strenuous academic schedule at Hope College in Holland, MI has kept me from writing over the off-season, but luckily I'm not the only source you have! (And if I am...I suggest you take another look at that "Internet for Dummies" book.) But with the season kicking off with Game 1 against Atlanta on Thursday, this blog is officially re-opening to bring you Amazin' Analysis from 760 Miles Away.

Like last year, I'll be bringing you game recaps and analysis from a a somewhat serious, somewhat humorous tone, in which I'll be panning through (I'm guessing a LOT of) the bad to find you nuggets of good. After all, everyone needs some hope. That's what I'm here for, and being so far away from the loudness of negativity in the Big Apple will help.

So dust off the glove, grab a drink, grab a seat, and get ready for another season of New York Mets baseball. It's about time.


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