Wednesday, July 13, 2011

K-Rod to Brewers and the Implications

You figured the Mets would do some dealing before the trade deadline, that some dominoes would fall before July 31. Consider the first one fallen.

According to Jon Heyman of SI, Fransisco Rodriguez has been traded with cash considerations to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for two players to be named later.

First Reaction:
Wow, that was fast...

Second Reaction:
Whew! Now we don't have to worry about that toxic $17.5 million option he would have gotten next year! That frees up additional money to pick up new guys or possibly keep Jose Reyes in town.

Third Reaction:
Who's gonna close now? Some in the twitterverse are saying Bobby Parnell will get a first crack at it, and I gotta figure Jason Isringhausen, a former All-Star closer, will be there if Parnell isn't up to the challenge.

Fourth Reaction:
Who's next? And I'm not talkin' Baba O'Riley. Meaning, who's the next Met to be traded? The next domino to fall? Some speculation is Carlos Beltran will go to the Giants, maybe even the Red Sox. Izzy and Tim Byrdak have also come up as potential movers. Good news is Sandy Alderson has pretty much ruled out trading Reyes for the year, so he'll get to finish his magical 2011 the same place he started.

Final Reaction:
We've got an extra $17.5 million to play with this's all good. See ya, K-Rod.


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