Monday, May 16, 2011

The Price is Wrong: Wright Out

Remember when NY fans weren't impressed with David Wright playing with a "sore back?" Yeah...turns out it was a lower back stress fracture. Now he's on the bench for, as Sandy Alderson describes, "multiple weeks."

The Bad Stuff:
  • You need me to spell it out? This ain't good.
The Good Stuff:
  • While you don't wish injury on anyone, perhaps this will help the orange and blue in the long run. For one, it gets a sub-.230-with-more-strikeouts-than-hits batter out of the 3-spot.
  • We'll have to play about a week and a half with Willie Harris in the lineup everyday, but once Ike Davis returns (assuming he will by the middle of next week), the infield will consist of Davis on first, young gun Justin Turner on second, and Daniel Murphy on third. Knowing he's gonna be an integral part of the lineup for much longer, Turner may be inspired and yesterday's 5-RBI breakthrough could be a sign of things to come.
    • CORRECTION: I thought Murphy could play third, but according to Adam Rubin, turns out he's never done it in the majors. Murphy will probably slide over to second and Turner to third.
Final Analysis:
Looks like another 2009 for the New York Mets: first Johan, then Bay for a while, then Angel Pagan, then Chris Young, then Ike Davis, and now David Wright. The difference from that year is that, one, things could be a lot worse (at least Reyes and Beltran seem to be all right), and two, because this is a perceived-rebuilding year, we've got guys in place. While a few of the higher-priced name-recognition guys will be gone after this year, the younger guys (Davis, Pridie, Turner) will still be here and already have a season of experience under their belts.

Initial gut reaction to David Wright's demise is "this really sucks," but when you put all the pieces together, "really sucks" becomes "sucks less."


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