Thursday, May 26, 2011

Game #49: Cubs 9, Mets 3

Mets starting pitcher R.A. Dickey lays on the ground after getting injured during the third inning of a game against the Chicago Cubs on Thursday. (
The Friendly Confines were not friendly to New York on this day.

After R.A. Dickey exited in the 3rd with a foot injury, the wheels came off for the Mets, who lost the game and the series to the Cubs, 9-3.

The Bad Stuff:
  • Dickey went over to cover first base on a Kosuke Fukudome grounder in the 3rd and experienced some pain in his right heel and foot, forcing his early departure. New York's starting staff is already hurting, but at least we had Dillon Gee to step in and fill the hole Chris Young left. As far as I know, the Mets don't have another Dillon Gee to fill Dickey's hole if R.A. has to stay out for an extended time. Get well soon, Mr. Dickey.
  • If the Mets were a rural town in Holland then R.A. Dickey was the little Dutch boy who plugged the dike with his finger, cause once he left, the floodwaters roared through in the form of the Chicago offense. The bullpen which had been so stellar gave up 9 runs on 13 hits (17 total). The worst culprits of ineptitude were Pedro Beato [3 earned runs (4 total) in 1 1/3] and Pat Misch (3 runs in 1). Yes, they were called on to get through 5+ innings instead of 2 or 3, but there's no excuse for a bullpen giving up 9 runs or letting the starting pitcher go 3-3.
  • It's a good thing the Cub pitchers were so wild yesterday, cause I don't know if we could have scored without that. Today, the Mets faced a very non-wild Carlos Zambrano, who went 6 innings and held us to 2 runs, 1 earned.
  • Carlos Beltran, usually so good in Wrigley, was effectively shut down in what could be his final game there, going 0-5 and striking out twice.
  • But the standout stat? Take a wild guess. Let me give you a hint: 1-12. It also rhymes with "wisp."
The Good Stuff:
  • Jose Reyes got the Mets on the board in the 3rd with a "Little League home run." He was credited with a double, but two subsequent errors allowed him to race all the way home. That's the biggest thing we'll miss about him should Reyes leave: the energy he can send jolting through the team at any one moment. He finished the day 2-4 with a walk.
  • The Amazin's almost got back into it in the 5th when Jason Pridie led off with a triple and Josh Thole brought him home four batters later. Justin Turner also picked up an RBI in garbage time.
  • Daniel Murphy also had a nice day, going 3-4.
Final Analysis:
Maybe it was Mr. Worthless Owner's comments hanging over their heads. Maybe it was finally succumbing to the injuries. Maybe it was the weather (which admittedly may have saved us from a sweep). Whatever it was, the Mets trip to Chicago was an unmitigated disaster.

There's nothing anyone can do about the first two things, but the weather should serve the team well this weekend: warm and sunny all weekend as the Philadelphia Phillies come to town. More good fortune: no Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee to face. Even if we don't win the series, there's no way it could possibly be worse than things were at Wrigley. Wait, Midwestern Met, what happens if we get swept? At least we won a game in Chicago? Well, random-italic-questioner, to that I say...shut up.


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