Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Game #47: Cubs 11, Mets 1

The Mets' Ruben Tejada dropped a pop up in the second inning. (NYTimes.com)
A couple batters ago, pitcher Carlos Zambrano was sent up to pinch hit. He drove in two runs.

I'm not even gonna wait to write this.

In their first game after being verbally massacred by the most unlikely of sources, the New York Mets have gone from a team on the rise to the deepest crater in baseball. On the scoreboard, tonight will say the Chicago Cubs won 11-1. But for Mets fans, it might as well say 40-0.

This comes one day after...well, if you're reading this, you know by now. And you've probably also heard from that same horse's mouth that the team is "bleeding cash," and will lose about $70 million this year alone.

The Bad Stuff:
  • See Innings 1-9
The Good Stuff:
  • Wait till it's over.
Final Analysis:
There's nothing that needs to be said that hasn't been said already, but here it goes:

This team wasn't doing too poorly before today. Granted, they had just blown a chance to win the Subway Series in the Bronx, but they were overachieving: just two games below .500, even with a Black Plague of injury that wiped out half our starting lineup. But its spirit, and its immediate future, has been crippled. Not by the news media, not by some clubhouse scandal, but by its loudmouthed, crooked, cheapskate, pathetic excuse for an owner, whose name is not worthy to waste infinite Internet space on.

There's a reason behind Midwestern Met's subtitle, "An Outsider's Opinion of the Most Dysfunctional Franchise in Baseball." For years we've known it, and now the world knows too. It's time for intervention.

We've already seen one team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, taken over by Major League Baseball this year. It's time for the New York Mets to become number two. This team can not function in its current state. An owner picking on his own players? $70 million in losses? According to Adam Rubin, a payroll that could sink below the depths of even the Marlins???

What more proof do you need, Mr. Selig? Do you have the guts to do it? Or are you thick as thieves with this thief?


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