Thursday, April 14, 2011

Games #12 & #13: Rockies 6-9, Mets 5-4

Mets reliever Bobby Parnell after surrendering a home run to the Rockies' Troy Tulowitzki in the seventh inning of Game 1 (
Ah, the double-header. A chance for double the joy or double discomfort. As you might expect, the New York Amazin's went with the latter.

In Game 1, R.A. Dickey collapsed in the 7th inning and a Mets rally fell just short in the 9th, giving the Rockies a 6-5 victory.

In Game 2, Chris Capuano collapsed in the 6th inning and the Rockies cruised to a 9-4 victory. There was not Mets comeback to speak of.

The Bad Stuff:
The starters were doing fine for a while, but the wheels came off just before they each reached 100 pitches. R.A. Dickey gave up 5 runs over 6 1/3 innings and Bobby Parnell picked up the stray 6th run, giving up a solo blast to Troy Tulowitzki in the 7th. Chris Capuano was even worse: 7 runs over 5 2/3 innings, including 5 in the 6th, with Taylor Buchholz giving up one more that inning.
Both games, New York got off to a solid start, taking 2-0 leads in the early innings. After falling behind in the first, the Amazin's seemed destined for a comeback, cashing in in the 9th on Scott Hariston's 2-run blast. But with the bases loaded and two out, fate was unkind as David Wright flew out to the deepest part of right field. Game over. Ouch.
More of the same in the second, except there was no spectacular comeback.

The Good Stuff: got to miss work/school if you went to both games. You got to be outside. You may have gotten to sing "Meet the Mets" if you were's getting harder to find a stretch.

Final Analysis:
Five straight losses. 1-5 on a six game homestand. 4-9 overall after starting 3-1. Oy.

Can we turn our fortunes around in Atlanta this weekend? Maybe a change of scenery will help. Maybe not. Only one way to find out. Good luck boys.


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