Saturday, April 9, 2011

Game #7: Nationals 6, Mets 2

After stepping on second to force Michael Morse, Jose Reyes threw to first to complete a double play on a ball hit by Rick Ankiel. (
It was a cold day in Queens, but 41,000+ Mets faithful came out to Citi Field to get their first look at their 2011 squad. Those fans left in a mood much like the weather: gloomy.

Jordan Zimmerman got a two-run single off R.A. Dickey in the 2nd inning and Ivan Rodriguez put it away in the 8th, as the Nationals spoiled New York's home opener, 6-2.

The Bad Stuff:
The offense again struggled to find their rhythm. The Amazin's managed 2 runs and 6 hits off starter Zimmerman over 5 1/3, but could only get 1 hit out of the Nationals' bullpen. Best chance we got was in the 7th, getting runners on second and third with one out, but Jose Reyes struck out and Angel Pagan tapped a pitiful dribbler back to the mound for the third out.
New York was still only down 3-2 it till the 8th; Tim Byrdak took care of that. The reliever gave up that two-run single to Pudge-Rod, dragging his ERA up to 10.80; Bobby Parnell finished up the inning and gave up one more. And we cut Ollie for these guys? Ready the crates, Joe.

The Good Stuff:
R.A. Dickey didn't earn the loss, even though he's credited it in the box score. The fan favorite gave up 3 runs over 5 innings, but didn't let things get out of hand. The knuckleball was a little wild, Dickey allowed 5 walks, but you can point to a split nail on his right index finger as the culprit behind that.
No one particularly shined on offense today, but Josh Thole managed to go 2-3 and scored a run.

Final Analysis:
When the weather gets dark and cloudy, it tends to bring me down. I get a little lethargic, maybe move a little slower, my mood becomes less-than-cheery. Think Pearl Jam's Black. Perhaps the same was true for the Mets today at Citi Field. The difference is I'm a college student; I can afford to phone it in for a day. If professional baseball players get sad when the weather's bad, so do 40,000 other people. When they get sad, they need to stop being sad and be awesome instead (thanks Barney). What needs to happen in the next game is a sunny, cheery Mets team takes advantage of a home series against a team we should beat every time. Terry's boys need to show the resolve they showed coming back from down a touchdown on Wednesday in Philadelphia. I know they've got it in them.


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