Monday, March 28, 2011

Opening Day Optimism (sort of)

My how time flies: here we are at the last week of March already. March Madness has been even more mad than usual this year (Go Butler), but don't forget that the Great American Pastime is just around the corner. Opening Day is in *4* *3* days, and the M-E-T-S Mets kick off their 2011 campaign the next day in Florida.

While experts aren't giving us much of a chance this year and we're still feeling the effects of Madoffgate (the $25 million loan from MLB, the $1 billion lawsuit against the Wilpons), nothing can be certain until that first pitch is thrown. Let's look at the positives: Ollie's finally gone, which means we've got a GM who knows goods have expiration dates. More good news: Johan Santana is only out for half the season as opposed to all of it...okay, that's a stretch. But it's a positive stretch! Here's another: unlike some teams in the league, we still make more money winning than losing. Which means we're not total failures.

Okay, optimism doesn't come easy with this team, whether you're on the Hudson River or Lake Michigan. Perhaps the best way to go is to just take it one game at a time and enjoy wins when they come. Even if we lose 90 games this year, it still means that 72 times we won, right?

This guy knows what I'm talking about:



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