Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Heritage of Orange & Blue

I'm the Midwestern Met. Originally born and raised Hoosier, right now I'm a college undergrad working on my Communications degree, and someday I hope to be be a professional sportscaster. Baseball has been an obsession since I was about 9, but what makes me a needle in a haystack is that I'm not a Cubs fan, a White Sox fan, or even a Reds or Tigers fan. My heart bleeds orange and blue for the amazin' New York Mets.

I know what you're thinking: how in the name of Mookie Wilson can a Midwestern boy like the Mets? Perhaps I should explain.

Grandpa moved to New York City around 1950 and adopted the Giants as his team. He used to tell me stories of dancing in the streets with Grandma and his Morningside Heights neighbors the day Bobby Thompson hit his "Shot Heard Round the World" in '51. The Giants moved west 2 years after Dad was born, but Grandpa refused to defect to the Yankees. Thus, Dad grew up a Mets fan all along the East Coast. His first professor job was in Muncie, IN, where he met Mom. They married 2 years before Davey Johnson's boys won the World Series.

I was born in '91. When I was old enough, Dad passed the New York tradition on to me. My first big experience with baseball was Robin Ventura's grand slam single against the Braves in the '99 NLCS; my first World Series was the next year when the Mets faced those hated Yankees. I was a casual fan for the next few years but in 2010, I decided to fully embrace my birthright and paint my heart orange and blue...and look at how THAT year turned out.

I know how tough it can be to follow an organization that seems to bottle losing and market it as a miracle cure...if you're trying to cure happiness. So the purpose of this blog is to provide you with a grain of salt and put an outsider's spin on the daily happenings of the Amazin's.

It may seem like the wrong choice, one which will surely add unnecessary pain to my already stressful life. But I have no regrets about embracing my heritage because one day, the Mets will right the ship, and I want to be there to celebrate when '86 rolls around again. Until then, subscribe now and we'll get there together.
Let's Go Mets GO!

Best regards,
Midwestern Met (MM)

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